Nowadays, Chinese students studying abroad show the trend of younger age. Due to poor self-care ability and endurance ,psychological handicap as well as less parents’ supervision and control. etc., the students, receiving education in England, will face unprecedented challenges in daily life and study. Unfortunately, parents are unable to know their kids’ problems in time because of the long distance、culture difference and language obstacles, let alone giving them timely help. The foremost concern of parents is how to make their children get accustomed with the foreign life and finish their abroad study independently. Access(UK)Education Limited,as a strategic partner with lots of private and public schools in England, will offer you and your kids professional and caring guardian service. Just as the following:
1.Emergency Intercommunication
▪ offering students 24/7 emergency intercommunication;
▪ offering regular visits and contacts as the role of students’ guardians in order to know all aspects of living and studying in schools
▪ acting as a coordinator among students、parents、schools、and homestays
▪ offering contact service in Chinese both in China and England

2.Management before and in the school
▪ helping the student’s to get their offers as soon as possible and prepare materials for visa,etc. .
▪ helping to prepare and buy all the materials like uniforms that students need to use during their foreign life
▪ offering parents their kids’ score reports in original copy and Chinese copy; offering interview reports all from the principal、the tutor、 and students through e-mail.
▪ offering special interview reports of visiting the school according to the parents or the requirements from the school  
▪ helping the students and parents to choose the subjects of GCSE and A-Level
▪ helping students and parents to choose the kids’ applications for universities (at most five universities) and majors in England
3. Arrangements for parents visits
▪ helping the parents to get the invitation from school
▪ helping the parents to make an appointment and plan the schedule for parents’ visit
▪ helping making the travel plan around England according to parents’ requirements in England
▪ helping students to deal with the passport prolongation and extension;
▪ helping to make the medical insurance;
▪ helping to open the bank account(or helping to take care of the students pin money);
▪ arranging the accommodation during half-term holiday
▪fully charging the students on behalf of the parents when they meet across some emergencies
5.long-journey trip
▪ arranging free airport pickup for the first time arriving at certain airports in England; during occasional time, the fee for airport pick up based on the distance from the location of the airport
▪ helping students to order airplane tickets
▪ helping students to make mini breaks plan both in study and travel

二、Fee Scale

For guardian: 4,500-5,000pounds/year
For other services: the same as the actual payment for these services