ACS Cobham International School
TYPE OF SCHOOL:Private School for Coeducation
AGES:2-18 yrs

ACS Cobham International School is one of the best comprehensive school , which is a boarding school based IB courses. Since the school was founded in 1967, it has provided educational services for students aged 2 to 18 and staffed a community representing over 77 different nations. The school is located in Surrey of the London suburb, covers an area of 128 acres, has many excellent equipment, multifunctional modern classrooms, baseball, track and field, golf, tennis and dance etc.

ACS is the first private high school in the UK to teach IB courses, with 36 years of teaching experience, and the pass rate of 100%

☆ The school has a special university entrance department, and universities do preaching every week

60% of the graduates can enter prestigious universities , such as Oxford,  Cambridge, Imperial College, LSE, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Tokyo and so on.

Large gymnasium, swimming pool, 4 football fields, a number of tennis courts, golf courses and 520 people's Theatre Arts Center

The meals in the canteen are almost weekly

Each class up to no more than 12 people

Many of students’ parents are the star, diplomats etc.

In2016the 97 students who took the exam got very good grades. If the scores are converted into A-Levels test scores, it means13% of the students get A*, 36% of the students get A*-A.

Enrollment rate100%

Pass rate100%