Studying in the UK, some students will choose the way of boarding school apartment. And most schools of Access can provide the school accommodation whose main advantages are facilitiesconsiderate service and safety. As far as the accommodationAccess stresses the idea of traditional, noble and eliteand line with the most excellent and most authentic education as much as possible.
Apartment advantages
1A part of the school apartments  are renovated to provide students a warm and comfortable environment
2Apartment is equipped with a common room and reading room
3Every room number should be controlled in 1-2 so that everyone can enjoy more space
4The teachers of apartment take care of the child's life and help children to learn
5Strict and scientific management guarantee the safety of students
Homestay is a kind of accommodation that students often choose. Some Access schools offer homestay options with carefully chosen families,who meet the requirements of the local government and understand what it is like to be a visitor in a new country. We create a warm, comfortable and safe living environment for students, replacing the parents to worry about their children. The students who choose homestay not only can enjoy the same school resources but also can deepen the understanding to British.
Homestay Advantages:
1、The audit to the family is very strict,and it’s reliable
2、Accommodation environment is safe, friendly, warm, and easy to let the children into
3、Homestay provide breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday,three meals a day at the weekend
4、Children can experience the independent life and develop good habits
5、School bus is free
6、It will be cheaper than the school apartment
7、You can go shopping with host family at the weekend
Homestay examination conditions:
1、No criminal record
2、 The income is stable
3、 Housing audit
4、 Investigate house and surrounding environment
5、 Better than middle-class families
6、Choose from the families who meet the basic conditions